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“WatchAG” will do full check and service for your watch at official watchmaker in Russia or Swiss. 

Also, we guarantee original spare parts and straps for your repaired watch. We do value and buy pre-owned watches at great prices worldwide. In additional; if you liked watch and you do not know the brand or how to get it; we will happy to do that in behalf of you; finding the watch and bring it to you

About Us

WatchAG is the official dealer in Russia for most of the brands we represent in the online store. All the watches displayed are available in our Boutique in Moscow, Russia. Our products are provided with all necessary documentation in accordance with Russian CA requirements.
WatchAG is a recognized and respected company with loyal clients. Also, If you are going to sell your luxury timepiece, we will be happy to help you. 
Advantage buying/selling through WatchTag: Buying an original swiss watch at a reasonable price with official guarantee and importation documents. You could sell your watch through us and we guarantee the best price for you. Delivery throughout the territory of the Russian Federation within 24hrs and worldwide within one week for available watches. Customizing special watches for you; from any Swiss brand, you like. (special watch dial, engraving your name, special colour, …etc)